I love elite model escorts

I love elite model escorts


Everybody on this site will have their own favourite type of escorts. Some will like porn star escorts, British escorts, exotic escorts, party escort or some other type. Heaven knows there’s basically a type of escort for every person out there. I also have a certain type. If you’ve read the title, you already know that I love elite model escorts. I think they are the most beautiful kinds of escorts and I’ll try to give you a few reasons why I think they’re the best. Please remember that everything I say is completely subjective and my opinion alone.

The beauty of elite model escorts


First thing’s first. Do you know what elite model escorts actually are? It’s not that hard to follow. They are escorts who are also fashion models or have pursued a modelling career in the past. And we’re talking about photo models, Victoria’s Secret angels and all that. I think you’re starting to get a feel for what I’m on about here. These models are basically dream girls. They’re the ones that used to be on our calendars or phone screen savers as we were hitting puberty. Nowadays, we can meet them, spend time with them and even become a bit more intimate. Isn’t it everyone’s fantasy to be with one of the girls from the calendars?

And this is the main reason why I love elite model escorts so much. They have helped me make my dreams come true. Their existence has helped me meet some of the most beautiful women in the world and get down and dirty with them.

Additionally, all the models I’ve been with have offered supreme escorting services. I don’t know if it’s the fashion world that basically trains them for this kind of work, but all models who are escorts that I know are absolutely incredible. They know how to highlight their best features, they know how to keep you in the centre of attention and they know how to make you feel wanted and adored.

Anyway, I guess these are the main reasons why I love elite model escorts so much. There are probably more things to talk about, but I’m all out of time. Tell me what do you guys think about model escorts and what’s YOUR favourite type of high class escort?

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