Tips for your first date with a high class call girl

Years ago, when I went on my very first date with a high class call girl, I had absolutely no idea what to do. It was my first time hiring the services of a top class escort and you can’t even begin to imagine how nervous I was. Or can you? If you are in the same situation I was back then, I’m going to try to help you with a few useful tips. Make sure you read carefully or bookmark this, because I really wish I knew these things when I had my first experience.

Your first high class call girl

Alright, the first thing you need to do is get rid of all the jitters and nerves. I promise you that you have absolutely no reason to have them. If you book a good high class call girl, and you will if you follow my tips, she’s going to make sure that everything goes well. First of all, make sure you book from a proper agency. Yes, I know it might cost a little bit more, or a lot more depending on case and model, but it’s completely worth it. First of all, it will assure you that you get the escort you want and that she’s going to be the ultimate professional. You want a girl who’s punctual and who’s really serious about her job. By this, I mean that you will need a girl who puts her client’s needs first. Check out the websites carefully and you’ll surely find some more information about the girls, like stories about them or written by them. These will let you know if the girls are right for you.

I also think you should let the agency know it’s your first time. A good high class call girl agency will point you to the perfect escort in this situation. Oh and if they try to drive up the price they have on the site, hang up immediately and look for another agency. If they try to money grub, they’re no good.

Another recommendation would be to book a hotel room for your encounter. It will help protect you a bit more and make the escort feel safer. However, before you go there, I think you should grab a few drinks. If the hotel has a bar, go there. If not, see what good bars or pubs are nearby and use this opportunity to get to know the escort a bit better and see if she’s up for all the things you want to do. Though you should talk about the things you want to do before you actually meet and money changes hands. Finally, be respectful, be elegant, be gentle (unless she likes it rough) and be clean. Make sure you follow these simple tips and the high class call girl will take care of the rest.

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